My 12th Favorite Month of the Year

January 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If I'm going through and labeling the most exciting months of the year, January is definitely no where near the top of the list. To be completely honest, it's probably near the bottom… The three months leading up to January are October, November, and December. October is holds my birthday, my sister's birthday, and our annual family camping trip. November contains my mom, dad, and husband's birthdays, as well as Thanksgiving. Then, there's a bunch of preparation and chaos leading up to Christmas (in addition to what I call "Christmas Card Sessions, i.e. all the last minute family photo shoots for Christmas cards!) And then Christmas! And taking down the decorations, and then New Year's! 

And then after that, there's the "To Do" list that's a million pages long, laundry that hasn't been done for awhile, (let's be real - that line dry load hasn't been washed since before Christmas) and just general life to catch up on…and photo sessions from all the way back to August that haven't been blogged yet.

However, even though January can seem like a let down and completely overwhelming, I wouldn't trade any part of the months prior, because so much of the busyness is due to time spent with family. And I'm grateful, because even though things that seem essential are no where near completed, relationships are the most important, and laundry can always be done another day. :) 

Every year for Christmas for the past several years, my family has gathered in my parent's front yard for THE Christmas picture (the one that goes on the Christmas card.) My family has a difficult time being serious most of the time, and when there's a camera around, even more so. The way these sessions typically go is that I grab a sibling to come outside with me and help me double check lighting, placement, etc. The rest of the family filters out, and I try to start positioning….which never quite goes as planned. Finally, everyone is in place, I start the timer, and then RUN to get in my spot (and also adjust the people right around my spot, because there was too much/too little space left.) The shutter clicks, I go to check the image, and we need a redo…repeat 5-10 times, or until the cooperation is too far gone to continue. :) Every year though, we seem to get a decent shot, and it's been really fun to see our family grow through the years…and to be able to shoot in a place where there are so many memories! 

image by Leah Ashworth

This year, we were also able to get a photo with Aaron's family! The process went similarly to my family's photo process, but less people = less crazy. :) Hopefully this is a tradition we're able to continue with them through the years as well! 

Lastly….our Christmas photo. Which, believe it or not, actually got sent to a lab and Christmas cards were printed. However, that same stack of Christmas cards is still sitting on my desk. So…I could send the cards now, and they'd just be really late. Or maybe, since there's no date on the card, I could save them for next year! Or send them now and just be really early for next Christmas…hmmmm….

My littlest brother Jared shot this image for us. We had about a five minute time window, so I fixed the settings and handed him the camera. Our puppy just happens to LOVE Jared, so she was happy to look at him/the camera. :)

image by Leah Ashworth

Sooooo…..Merry (a little late, but late is better than never, right?) Christmas! :) I'm excited to start this new year, jump right into the crazy, and see what 2016 has in store!


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